Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Stacker 1
Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Stacker 2

Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Stacker

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The Green Toys Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Stacker takes a classic toy and makes it safer and more playful, with no sharp edges, small parts, or interlocking pieces that can pinch fingers and an adorable Mickey Mouse-themed topper and base. The seven brightly colored red, blue, and yellow nesting pieces stack easily from large to small, while also allowing children to use their imagination and stack in any order. This eliminates frustration when they're little, and leaves room for learning and improvement as they grow. The set is designed with no center post, making it a perfect first stacking toy for babies. With this toy, babies and toddlers can gain practice in important developmental areas, including but not limited to motor skills, coordination, categorization and sorting, problem solving, spatial reasoning, and color identification

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Care Instructions
Dishwasher safe
Age Range
6 months - 99+ years
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