Sandra Boynton: Hidden Cows 1,000-Piece Puzzle 1

Sandra Boynton: Hidden Cows 1,000-Piece Puzzle

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The wit of Sandra Boynton, in jigsaw puzzle form: We honestly have no idea how many cows are hiding in Myra and Zeke DePig's living room. Can you find them all?At first glance, it looks like an ordinary evening at home, in the simple and tasteful living room of an ordinary pig family—mother, father, daughter, toddler, twin chickens. But look closely. As you carefully assemble the 1,000 pieces, you may begin to notice some surprising visitors: HIDDEN COWS.There are at least three of them. It's definitely subtle, though.Includes 1,000 interlocking pieces. Approximate puzzle size: 26" x 19".

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