Kingfisher readers - Baby Animals Level 1 1

Kingfisher readers - Baby Animals Level 1

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Starting with familiar baby animals like puppies and kittens and working through a whole range of species, this book takes a close look at all aspects of the lives of animal babies such as relative size, the number of babies different animals have at once, hatching from eggs, feeding, safety, and more. In the end, readers learn their own place in the animal world—human babies are baby animals too. Throughout the book, new words are introduced—fawn, calf, chick—and a glossary at the end reinforces new words.LEVEL 1 – (red) The language at this level will be shor twith simple sentences, straightforward vocabulary and punctuation, a high level of phonic regularity and lots of repetition. Includes simple glossary.

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Age Range
5 years - 8 years
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