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Coral Kangaroo twill wet bag - Large 1

Coral Kangaroo twill wet bag - Large

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Is It Wet? - Every Planet Wise Wet Bag is seam-sealed and waterproof below the zipper, perfect for holding wet diapers, clothes, etc. Does It Smell? - The same seam-sealing also holds in odors! Use a Wet Bag to store a dirty diaper and you won't have to smell like one! Easy To Clean - Once you're home with your smelly items, cleaning is easy. Just toss the contents of your Wet Bag into the wash, and throw the Wet Bag with them. Potty Training - Keep a dry set of underwear and pants in the bag. When accidents happen, the clean clothes come out and the wet ones go in!

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Care Instructions
Machine Wash and Dry with Clothes or Cloth Diapers (please do NOT use bleach).
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