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Celia is the town listener. She listens to people's little problems, big problems, and all the in-between problems. Once they have shared their troubles with her and let them go -- giving her their seeds of sorrow -- they feel lighter and happier. Celia has the wonderful ability to take these seeds and turn them into magical balloons, twinkling stars, and blooming flowers -- literally painting the world with color. When a young boy named Julian feels sad, he waits in line to see Celia. But before he gets to the front of the line, he realizes that he has lost his seed of sorrow and will be unable to give it to Celia. Oh no! Now how will he find a way to be happy again?Celia is a quietly compelling tale about the value of kindness and friendship, and how sharing one's troubles lightens the heart -- like magic.

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Christelle Vallat