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Twinkle Toes by Donna Scott Nusrala 1

Twinkle Toes by Donna Scott Nusrala

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If you follow the sweet smell of peppermint just south of the North Pole to the Land of Dreams, you may stumble upon a tiny farmhouse where smoke billows into the sky. Together with her pocket sized Calico, a fairy farmer plants fluffy fibers. With the help of her Dream Weaver, a roaring blizzard and the twinkle in her toes, she grows crystal stalks in the snow..... but Twinkle Toes isn't growing corn in the Land of Dreams! Join Sarah and Adam as Grandma tells the story of Twinkle Toes. Find out how she helps kids fall asleep so they can grow their own dreams on Christmas Eve. Hard Cover.

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Donna Scott Nusrala