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Dragon Rescue Kit

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Awww! This dragonlet emerged from its egg all alone in the world. It needs a guardian -- like you! -- to teach it the finer points of flying, gold-hoarding, and toasting marshmallows with its breath. Kit box measures 3-1/2 inches high x 3-1/2 inches wide x 1-5/8 inches deep. Dragon's head peeks out of box top.Baby dragon measures 5 inches tall and is soft and cuddly. Rescue Kit includes one plush orphan dragon and Dragonkeeper's Guide, which includes adoption certificate and advice for rearing your new fiery friend.Dragonkeeper's Guide includes everything you need to know about raising a dragon, from flying lessons to the perils of dragon sneezes. Fun facts about dragon history and dragon lore.A great gift for dragon fans and aficionados of all things adorable!Feel the love! (Please note, only one Dragon is included in this kit)

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3 years - 99+ years
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